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August 04, 2006


hey kid,
nice synopsis of the trip.
miss ya luv D,Mike & Lukas

Hahhhhaaaaaaa..."Toothless townies and sausage faced kids"...seriously I am PISSING myself over this one:)
Too good. and the bit about the moist motel. Heeheehee.
Wow...what a mega post.
Hi to Danielle below me...your house & art look great and Lucas is a doll!
One question- the girl in the white lace by the waterfall is...? Not Sedona? How can she be this old already? If that is her, she looks 16. Wow.
Ok, Greg looks like he is falling off the mini bike in the last shot- yuk yuk- that must have been scary fun.
What else? Arlene Dahl...that is some HOT shit. Love it.
Ok- Ryder looks like you. Its uncanny. Especially in the last shot where he is laughing, I had a flashback of that film of you as a lil baby laughing and chasing the peacock.
Twas good chatting today and it certainly looks like you guys are packing a whole lotta punch into this trip...its overwhelming really.
ps- what kind of scotch was for $7? I want some.

the pictures are so great!!!! its amazing :)

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