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July 25, 2007


haha- I took screencaps too!
Her apartment was the best ever- made me wanna live there- the dangling beribboned butterflies, stained glass murals, churchlike arches, and all the old film stars- gave me lots of ideas. I loved the scene where he envisioned them getting married. She looked soooo cute with her ponies and mini babydoll dress. I loved all the sitar/exotic GHarrison musak. I looked up in my Mia Farrow book and this movie was made the year after she and the Beatles had sojourned to India to meditate with the Maharishi. She said that George was drawn to the sitar b/c of the holy ragas and he was the one who spurred the rest into going over to India. Can you imagine having been there then? This movie made me miss the 60's even though I wasn't even born yet.

I have never seen this film,I must hunt it down! Your world is quite spectacular! It reminds me just ever-so-tiny- a- bit of how my world was before marriage and babys. I'm not complaining,but its fun to see your former self in anothers life sometimes.

It's funny this movie is in my quere, I am just about to get should of suggested gettin one of my jane and serge necklaces to get in the mood....

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