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September 24, 2007


I really like this.......I think the tumor could become a new narritive...hmm well maybe not.....


I like the very first one with the bummer tee shirt b/c this benefit is to fund you getting the tumor taken out and that out really gives the strongest and cleanest visual plus it shows off your talent. It really looks just like you! The others are super cute but wouldn't necessarily make me think of someone in dire need for funds.

ps- I also get humor from the bummer tee one. The tumor is ugly-cute and he's got fangs for pete's sake. Its a better balance btw. humor and tugging at people's heartstrings which we want to do with this benefit:)

i love the one of you in the bummer tee... of the other design, i like b..... i just love the yellow highlighter affect.... cindy looks awful cute with kitty!

c. the pinkest of them all. but georgie boy should be chilling on your lap.

are you doing okay, kime? i've read the allusions to illness lately, but i didn't know you had a tumor. i sincerely hope you're going to get well, and i wish i could come to the benefit. what do you have planned, and any way an east coast gal can help?

virtual hugs,

i really love them all.
but i think the first is great.
straight to the point.

let me know where one can donate.

i'd like to write a post as well.

all my best to you.

we dont know eachother, but i love your blog and your work, so i thought id put my two cents in.
sorry to hear about that mean nasty tumor, and i dont think the one with the bummer tee was a choice, but it definitely gets my vote.
the others are adorable, but the bummer tee is genius. funny, cute, and most importantly, clever.
more info on the benefit soon i hope? id love to attend and/or contribute to the cause sister!

honestly i like the 'bummer' one too. it made me laugh, a surefire indication that it will get you money! oh hon, i hope you're living as well as you can. tumors are a fucking bummer.

I didnt know we were voting a

I like (A) ..

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