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January 14, 2008


do you find it a little weird that you are constantly compared to ALL my celebrity crushes?

I have always thought you look sooo much like Neko Case- especially in motion. Seriously. Anyone agree? Anyone? Anyone?

Here's my proof...

Either way... You're gorgeous as is!

Thanks for posting my email! I felt very honored!

you should post your pic with maggie. Stll have?

what do you teach?
i'm a new fan of the moldy doily (currently my favorite blog) so sorry if you've mentioned already.
:)annie m

I used to teach art to inner city kids in Columbus Ohio grades 6-8. One kid said I looked like Hillary Clinton- I think that kid got an F, ha ha, and this cute 7th grader said "No, she looks like the girl from DAZED and Confused" I hope she meant Milla. I got Nicole Kidman once when my hair was red. That's a laugh. My boyfriend gets Patrick Dempsey and I've recently been compared a few times to the girl from Grey's Anatomy- Ellen Pompeii??
Still looking for the Maggie pic of us together

YES! Maggie *does* look like you.

People used to say that I look like keri russell, but who knows anymore. i think i just look like myself.

Actually when your hair is wild and full of life I sometimes think you to be Jennifer Aniston.

Maggie works though.

i think you look just like isla fisher (not just because of the hair!) -

ps. i found your blog through ds's and i'm a long-time reader :)

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