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February 21, 2008


Okay, this is simply BEYOND bizarre! I have been reading your typepad for quite some time now, having stumbled upon it...well, I can't even remember how. Love your art, the parties and events you attend look like fun, and I adore your feathered headdress. Now how ironic is it that I am also a Scorpio Lady? I think we have inner vibes that allow us to find & relate to other Scorps, as I also followed another blog only to find it was hosted by one of us, too. Combine all that with the realization that hit me today....your Annakim is the daughter of my absolute favorite musician! It's simply too much serendipity, I say! Boggles my mind, it does. Keep on rockin' ladies, your site is a welcome break from my tedious work day. Rock on!

WOW, powerful coincidences occuring rapidly. Thanks for reading the blog Nancy, hope this new astrological times finds you doing work you LOVE!

"Things are gonna change, I can feel it."
word up to that.
sing it sister!

OMG! This whole this is crazy! (in a good way!) I am a Scorpio too. This whole Lunar thing is amazing. I am too young to go to these types of parties (17) YET, but I enjoy watching you attend them. They seem like so much fun! You are my BIGGEST inspiration Kime and I love you to death! I read your blog every day looking for inspiration for my own art. Thanks again.

Alexandra jane, YOU JUSt MADE MY DAY!

I need awesome ladies like you to stir up creativity and make me inspired too!

yes! worlds have collided!
to the moons and energy charged times!
you are a dear.

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