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March 25, 2008


Oh, that picture you drew with the girl with the green and yellow around her eyes is spectacular! I love it!

Those bracelets are fabulous!

spring-new year-creation is in the air, even way up here in seattle.
these pieces are gorgeous.

rad about the VANS GIG!!.. your friends dress is pretty.. check out this baby

you sweetheart! i received the first three things i ordered from you this week, and you included all these great extras! including my birthday "card." how did you know?

you made the week for me, kime. thanks so much.

ooh, and can't wait to rock out in the vans next year. . .

WOW, crazy print on that dress.

allison I sent out the second batch too! Should be on route. I wanted to pack it really good cause it has glass on the frame. Thanks again -you are the best!

dude. i doubt that there is such a thing as "hanging out with scheid too many days in a row". that's like saying that "i ate too much pizza". it just can't happen

I can't wait to score me a pair of those Vans! Congrats. Love your friend Annakim dress and the Daisy necklace.

oh i LOVE those bracelets, the green one is just magic. great blog so inspiring. a mix of childwood, nature, magic, and arts..

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