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March 26, 2009


georgie boy is officially my favorite cat of ALL TIME. you are lucky-like-whoa to have such a cute little guy.

oh kime! thanks so much for sharing these-they made my day!!!!!

Oh poor kitty! My little girl had her paw shaved last month due to an "incident" with one of her sisters. She still holds the paw up to show everyone her war wound

I was like crying looking at these! haha! He is too cute!!

usually "ladies with cats" pictures really creep me out but both last year and thisyear GB's haircut just makes me giggle. I need to giggle more. Thanks GB!

oh my lord these have made me very happy indeed, every time I'm feeling a little low I think i will look at these for a guaranteed giggle!sooo bloody cute!xxx

"lollipop giant head" is soooo cute! omg omg~ how is Georgie Boy sooo cute??? :D

Georgie Boy reminds me of Bagpuss! I love him!

these are adorable. the tongue constantly out is a riot. and the one of him slouched on the couch with the remote is priceless. he could do commercials.

WOOHOO! He looks like such fun kitty! haha I just did a post a little while ago on "Lion Cats"...they crack me up!


oh my gosh, i have not laughed this much all week! love the one with the tounge sticking out... the best cat in the world......... ; )

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