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April 29, 2009


oh GOD! I have had that happen to my old Canon a few times.. you can send the camera in and have it repaired maybe at Leica. I'm SO not looking forward to that moment when I drop my leica (I'm still paying for it) If you want my old Canon digi you can have it... I'd miss your blog postings if you had no camera! Let me know.

Oh Cindy you are too sweet. I talked to the lady at the camera store I bought it and she said that because my model is already 2 years old I could probably find a cheaper version than I paid. I guess it's sometimes just as much to get it fixed as it is to buy a new one. For some reason the silver model (mine was black) is $200 dollars less- haha. People must really like their cameras black???

HA I have the black one and a black car and a black heart(jk) I forgot to mention that wedding looked like THE best WEDDING EVER. Love the outfits and that boy you are with is a babe. Good luck w the camera hunt ;o)


It was really fun, reminded me of that scene in I LOVE You ALICE B Toklas (that peter sellers movie)

I know, he's a babe, right?

this is amazing! SO MUCH FUN!!! thanks for sharing:)

Hey! Wow what a fun wedding!
You guys are always having so much fun! Miss you!
Love, Missy

it totally reminded me of those times dad made us go to myrtle beach putt putt courses. I always remember you would finally resort to dragging your ball (pushing it) into the hole. To which I would say "Dad, she's cheating!" and you'd insist you had putted it in.
Ah the good ol Clark Griswald family outings!!

dear kime,
my name is jamie and im still in high school. and for my design and illustration class we have to write a paper on our favorite artist and i picked you! we also have to paint a chair in the style of the artist. anyway just thought i'd tell you that i adore your artwork and you inspire me.

OMG! That is so fricking awesome! What a wonderful wedding .. congrats to the happy couple

*loves* to you too

Cutest gnarliest grooviest most creative and fun wedding ever! Wow!!! :D Hey, that's Lizzie in one of the pics! :)

wow, how coool is that?! Thanks for showing, brilliant stuff!


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