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Kime Buzzelli who are you?
I'm a painter-clothing maker, shop owner. My art has been published in books such as Fashion Illustration Next by Laird Borrelli, Vintage L.A., Comic Book by Steve Niles called Lost Ones, Hello Kitty: Hello ART. I have done illustrations for magazines such as Lula (UK), Bust,Swindle, Cosmogirl, PAPER, W, Front Desk, Juxtapoz, and BPM. I create clothes- that have been featured in Elle, Venus, Jalouse, W, Apparel News, WWD, PAPER, Visionaire- and more-
I did an art show in Japan and they described my artwork being about "ghostly pale fashion worlds" I always thought
that was interesting. If I had to think about what my art and obsessions are the following might best describe:
Female desire. Girls trying to solve the puzzle of love. Floating ghosts in search of happiness. Obsession and disaster, Magic moments fueled by fantasy, stains and the evidence of mischief. I love collecting things that tell a story- objects with evidence of a life well lived.

When I was little I liked to write plays and puppet shows, creating all the different characters. I would daydream about the beautiful dresses I wanted to clothe my fantasy characters in. I then learned I could paint the clothes I would never actually touch. The things I daydream are still the same... floating feminine fantasies, x-ray vision, magazine pages freeze-framed, tea parties, voyeurism, stolen words from overheard conversations, tear-drop Lolitas,ghosts, decomposing wallpaper flowers, merging fiction and reality, the eyes of vacant models, and the murmur of tiny stuffed animal clusters.


making things, vintage frocks, mysteries, craft books, dancing in the moonlight, going to see new art, strange fashion editorials, psychedelic objects