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April 05, 2006


dude...holy shit. i was gonna hang out with derrin tomorrow night. i am sort of afraid to now. actually i am sort of afraid if i don't too. yeah. kelli brandt is hot. i think i am gonna go google her now or look her up on myspace. also, i like the smug look on the slut's face. it's like "20 blow jobs? that's it? ever? hmph."

Okay Kime, I think you missed the main cool thing about that yearbook!!!
Just beneath the girl with white hair where it says "nice person", I can make out the name "Tiffany Brissette"- This *is* the best- this is who we need a picture of.
I knew she went to school with the gang up in G-rock but never saw any yearbook pictures. I mean, seriously, look on my Myspace profile under my favorite tv shows and you will find listed a lil gem called "Small Wonder" and yes, Tiffany Brissette played small wonder "Vicki" who was a robot. Wow...wish I had gone to high school with Vicki...*sigh*

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