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September 16, 2006


well, I did spend my evening last pm with some dreamy English blokes but unfortunately, not Mr. Tottenham. Maybe if I am lucky, he will regale me with an impromptu recitation at Mr. P's tonight. Love the pics as always and damn, that tree is crazy...wonder why it just gave like that.

l.a. has always been a better place with John Tottenham there.

i don't think you can legitimately write a book of poetry about nothing and make paintings of naked girls and claim to do nothing. seems like something to me. now, mr t and mr p can sit around tonight and give me shit about how i am not undestanding the metaphor or symolism of the poetry or something. i just thought i would give you guys something to do. so you don't have to do nothing.

oh yeah. and i am bummed that that tree is gone. fuck LA

I spotted Mr. Tottenham at JetRag at 10 am this morning and wondered who this mysteriously cool and sharply dressed man was. Thanks for clearing it up ; )

thatz lame pic sorry dude lol

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