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September 12, 2006


the Korean family who build and toil in the wee hours welding and sautering and screaming at each other at 3 am as if its 3 pm you mean? haha- yes, as you know my living room is directly opposite their yard and I like to think the large telephone booth shaped box with windows on all sides they have been welding and working on for going on 3 months or so now in the front yard is a teleportation device to go to other galaxies.
When it was the crazy heatwave around 115 and still nearly 100 at night, i think you were out of town and yes, they were still up and at it welding and working frantically making their teleport box and dreams of travelling beyond the realms of the known universe a reality.
ps- you told me earlier about the secret thrift shoppe on the Delta St. side of the building and I am still like WTF? how the hell did we not catch wind of this and why would they not want us fools with are clearly so soon parted with our money to not know?

seriously whats going on over there-? that porch is gonna cave from all the piles of stuff. My other theory was that they made the glass box in the yard for the lil old grandma who hits fruit out of the trees with poles.

its definitely something going on (to quote some Frida for you).
Those lil kids are wide awake and playing games in the yard and racing around at 4 am consistently. They have vans that pull up to their sparkly brand-new stainless steel gate only in the middle of the night and they let the van in and then take loads and loads of stuff into the house.
The old lady maybe is filling the teleportation box up inside with lemons and shit so she can take them to Pluto and sell them to Plutoans. wait tho...Pluto is just a rock now. well, you get my gist.

UPDATE. just overheard
the hidden antique treaure trove is actually 10-12 rooms to the ceiling and is like a maze. WHAT? it's the length of the building? Geez-

that scares me frankly.
it makes me think of that creepy movie where there are people living underneath the floorboards of this house and the family never knew it...or this X-Files episode called "Home" where this family is inbred and the mama is just a torso and they keep her on a rolling mechanic's board hidden away under the bed...okay, I don't know exactly what the X-Files bit has to do with the maze per say but its spooky weird shit going on here below us in the Del Mor right where we live and enough is enough...get out ye damned cellar dwellers and stop spooking me and my folk...RAWRRRRRR!

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