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April 09, 2007


hot damn i wish i lived in the L.A so i could show up and look great at yer art shows.

nice nice nice:)
I had a good time at work unbelievably enough while y'all were holding court. Some peeps who rolled to your show came by and visited me afterwards.
A few thoughts...
1. James and his sis look frighteningly like the same exact person.
2. Annakim was born to own that top hat. She must purchase asap.
3. Seven Grand looks pretty dope. On a side bar, psst...scotch and bourbon are whisky (in bourbon's case, spelled whiskey) haha...I am a booze aficionado with an emphasis in bourbonology. I wish I had known about Seven Grand before last Thursday when Miz Carrie Ninja and I rolled downtown for a drinkle. We hit up Edison and La Cita. Edison is a place you must see and experience as well. I recommend trying the Golden Lillet Martini...$13 but glamourous as hell and super tasty.

Great great pictures. It looks as though there were more than a couple cutest couples there.

Seven Grand seems amazing. Whiskey and deer? come on. love it!

Having lost touch with our artist Lianne Ricci, we wonder how we can get in touch with her to wish her happy birthday.!!

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