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September 04, 2007


Is there a conspiracy afoot, hmmm some of these pictures look strangely familiar. Scheid - Buzelli- the same person?

never fear sufferwords...buzzelli merely appropriated Scheid's photos & added them here because they were so much better than her own. Scheid is living and breathing in his new treehouse

nooo way!!!!!

I especially like the snap of you all badass with the gun in your left hand- haha- too funny! Who's idea was it to go? David's? I would never have thought up this in a million years:)
Cinecon is over- alas- no more icy cold days sprawled out in the Egyptian balcony for me.
Yesterday Carrie met me for afternoon flicks there to beat the heat.
Then Matt and I spent our 2nd night in a row bar hopping- the night before we did Eagle Rock and downtown and then last night, was Red Lion. Kim Faith, Jeremey and crew met us and we ended up in the teeny upstairs a.c. bar playing rounds of what the bartender called Wheel Of Schnapps- haha- pretty funny- then came home and made my tub an icy orange cool kiddie pool where we camped and smoked herb and watched The Boyfriend til the wee hours.
Slept half the day and just bought like $200 worth of groceries and wine so I never have to leave my cool compound!
Ebay is good again- let us hope and pray...xxoo
ps- oh yeah, supposed to be in the 80's tomorrow and cooler *crosses fingers*

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