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September 13, 2007


Those are terrific pictures of you two, frame-worthy dare I say?
Now he sure is cute:)
And I know it would be hard to say no to that owlie moppet BUT I would not be having a ghastly 6 am wake up call, cutie-pie or no! haha
Viv Cat Cardinal Rule: Never feed your cat wet food upon waking. Always make it a practice to give them treats/wet food much later in the day or before bed so they won't ever equate you getting up= them getting eats:)
I know its hard when you adopt an adult cat w/ ingrained habits but I did manage to do it with my Mister Handsome who was 12 when I got him. Now he sleeps in just like me & doesn't cry/beg for food like he used to at first.
ps- why am I up so late/ early you ask? *sigh* that late night Cafe Stella latte seemed a great idea at the time. Punch me in the head please the next time its heading towards midnight and I suggest anything with espresso.
Its just the meditation class relaxed me so much, apparently, I felt the need to obliterate the good with some junky caffeine.
pps- pictures tomorrow?

i too have the kitty alarm system... i get the paw paw paw on the cheek when i dont respond to the wassup, lady meow

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