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May 12, 2008


I love your website, its incredible!!!! very inspirational and your artwork is so amazing.

Thanks so much Hilary! That made my night.

Oh man, is that your Destroy necklace?? If so please tell me you wanna sell it to me!

Sending totally positive vibes your way, lady. Your gear is what inspires so much fabulousity in everything you do-- and those you meet in life, right? Well, I think so at least!
Hope you have a lovely week!

OH MAN that lamp is rad and the crazy animal booth also. I would prob overdraft my bank acct if I came to this flea market. That eclipse stole my man and now i want to get rid of a ton of stuff and run away ;o)

the shoes are cool but why didn't you get me the skunk? geez.

I missed another good looking sale. Wish I was there. I remember when I used to vulture the piles early in the morning. I will make it to summer ones.


I would most likely want to buy everything you had for sale!, if I had the money! My bedroom is already a menagerie of thrift knick-knacks and tons of other things! haha!

wow I didn't realize that I had so many comments on this post... first off thanks!!
secondly in reply:
that eclipse stole my man too,
that destroy necklace is for sale, it's my friend Laura's! LEt me know if you wanna reach her to make a deal. in reply to cynthia, um taxidermy costs way more than pumps

Hopefully the next eclipse will bring us better gifts than last time ;o) um, lets hope the next eclipse isnt 20 years from now haha

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