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June 08, 2008


congrats! which l word cast member did you meet??

my stars, lady! i love seeing these pix of the big shindigs. one of these days, if i ever make it out of the grey-ness that is seattle and to sunny LA, i am going to make a pilgrimage to show pony. until then, i'll just enjoy these superb candids.
super duper excellent.

I just made the trek from Austin to Los Angeles last week and on my list of must visit places was Show Pony. I blogged some fun pictures of the store I snapped, loved all the feathers and my sister who has entire art shows with tricked out taxidermy would have killed for that pink head you have in the store.

the new PonySHOW!!! The new display/setup looks great. I need to send you some crochet asap!

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