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July 14, 2008


i could die!.. you are so lucky!

sigh. it's a total fairytale movie, and i want it. this sounds like the most amzing expereince you could have watching a beloved movie!

omg. this is the best blog post i have ever read, and will ever read in life. Just when I thought it was too magical that the movie was shown outside to a huge audience... you revealed you were sitting by Stacey. That is truly dazzlin'. Valley girl is honestly in my top 5 favorite movies ever, and the emotion & nostalgia of the movie is so visceral for me too. For about 6 months after i snagged the DVD (which has some of the best special features of any DVD) I had to watch it every night before bed in order to fall asleep. The soundtrack is always in heavy rotation in my house.

"Let's go.
I dont care.
What will we do?

believe it or not, this is its namesake:

That is my favorite part of this movie, well that 's actually my favorite part of any movie ever. The way he says "I don't care" and "anything"--W O W. I have to admit that in grade school I called the local Cleveland radio station and requested Moon Unit's song VALLEY GIRL no less than 20 times a day. The D.J. actually said once, "Hey, kid we JUST played that song", to which I replied, well play it again. Thanks Ex Libris for the rad comment. It's strange how that night so many feelings and words flooded my brain, and yet the next day when I sat down to write it all out there seemed no way to translate it. It was sorta like that feeling when you were 14 or 15 and you got all dressed up for hours with your friends with the knowing that you would maybe meet up with boys at the local pizza place and maybe kiss someone. I mean, I actually teared up when we parked the car and the HOLLYWOOD sign was in clear view. Everything was perfect, the weather, the crowd, the music...Anyway glad someone else adores this movie like me. It's the new Litmus test for my future boyfriends. IF they do not "get" my obsession with that scene or the movie in general then they gotta take a hike. I'm mean like fer shurr

p.s. forgot to mention that when I watched the dvd special feature for days, I felt like it was my class reunion, seeing my old friends and what they were doing now. weird. My friend Michael was the asst Director on the film and I asked him where all the scenes were shot and silly trivia

I was there, under and over the stars (as they say), and you've captured every nuance of the night beautifully! Thank you!!

What an awesome post. I loved it. It seemed like an amazing time. I would have loved to have been there, but being able to experience it vicariously through you words and pics was the next best thing. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Great post about a totally tubular movie! I just watched it tonight after not seeing it for more than decade. I was 15 and fell in love with Deborah Foreman after seeing this movie. The soundtrack was also bitchin' and cemented my love of new wave/punk rock. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

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