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July 03, 2008


ick, I know that feeling. You described it very well. The pictures in this post are beyond lovely. I think that I will look at them every time I get that stomach knot.

no thank you.....
chicken soup for the soul? if there was ever a way of reinventing that phrase, you just did for me
hang in there darling

thank you for helping to loosen the knot in my stomach and forget for a while.x

and thank you so kindly for being such an inspiration to all of us. i oftne find other blogs (and myself) who mention how much you've inspired and brightened their day with your words, art and choice of images.

i hope the knots are undone soon.

I hope things get better. Cute new car!!! I ran into my ex at the airport on the way to LA thursday..akward! I try to think it could be worse we could have the tree man disease! ;o)

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