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July 01, 2008


yay! reading about your trip home made me feel so happy, especially because i began my life as a small town pennsylvania girl.

Loved this. I get this same sort of euphoria / flu when I go back to my small town in Illinois. Ironically, I have similar pictures with the clothes, hair and scintillating tan!! Must be an 80's Midwest thing :)

*sigh* I need to go back to Chicago soon. It always seemed to rain on the 4th of July there also!!!I'm about to embark on a weekend trip to LA to hang with a 1.5 yr old and a 3 yr old also EEEEEEEK!!!

Some random thoughts:
Damn, those alpacas sure give Georgie Boy a run for his cuteness money!
Your eyes look amazing in these shots.
Sedona looks like she is about 25...look out Missy!
Your nephews are just absolutely adorably precious.
Love the "Killing Moon" connection you made...heh heh.
Wondering if you have any snaps of the good hotel rooms? Me like to see!
My fave? the snap of the bolero/savage tan/cigarette girl hat combo...wheeee!
Glad you're ya in a bit.

Funny...that jacket was my mom's from T.Edwards at the mall. And we are in my sisters room! But Echo and The, that brings back memories.

i loved T. Edwards!! I had the perfume from their store even, ha. I remember i forced padre ron to buy me a $380 dollar letter man french jacket from there. Miss u!

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