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September 10, 2008


OMG! I LOVE IT!!!! This is so inspiring. Really! I love everything, it's perfect! Then all of a sudden, my head did an image flash of a picture I saw of your colorful place (in Swindle mag). But it's ok. I love both. And change is good! :) Good job!!!

What a lot of work! But what a transformation. Should be very cheery for you. I especially like that little squiggly table in the corner with the paintings above it. Good work, Kime!

I am so very very proud of you.
That is a total inspiration to me.

amazing.. totally inspiring from another...uh..collector.
xo jf

WOW I love the floors! I think your place looks fantastic. I've been in the middle of painting our new place also... my dog thought it was a good idea to lay in a pile of spilled paint so she has a white belly HA! Good luck with the rest.

it is looking KILLER!!!
keep at it, I can't wait to see it with all the furniture in.

Looks good lady!
Its funny--- you swapped your wall color with your floor color!
I love it all...fresh starts are the best.

Oh my goodness Lady!
Everything looks amazing...I am inspired to finish painting my back stairway. Good luck with the rest.

looks great kime! can't wait to see more!!!!

THANKS for all the good feed back on the space, makes me want to get back to finishing the rest! I'm on to the bedroom today.


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