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November 23, 2008


I think I might understand where you are coming from. I myself have been in a rut for the past few weeks. I was kind of falling to pieces because I didn't have a new art project to work on, and it was blocking me. Luckily though I expressed how I was feeling to my husband yesterday and he just said to make something for myself and to not worry about what others might expect of me. He also encouraged me to add more of my art to the walls of our home. It is funny to think that the unblocking of my creativity resulted from just a few words of understanding and encouragement.
As for the bell jar or in my case the black hole it can be so easy to fall into and without someone there to dangle a rope for you to grab hold of it is hard to escape alone. I am still trying to figure out how to avoid that black hole on my own in the future. Maybe I need to make my own empowerment/happiness book that I can turn to during moments of weakness. I think we all need something like this to remind us, that it really is okay.

Thanks Emjie, tis true that's really what we all need to harness. Some momentum. They say an object at res tends to stay at rest while a body in motion...yadda yadda...

I just read this really cool short poem from Anais Nin that sort of made me smile:

Risk by Anais Nin
And then the day came,
when the risk
to remain tight
in a bud
was more painful
than the risk
it took
to Blossom.

Beloved Kime, Whom I've Just Discovered Lives At This Address:

Though your emotions may feel as if they've been scattered, Smothered and covered in the Waffle House of Existence, the Artwork you create is indeed a language understood by others:

Think of it as speaking in hieroglyphics.

Words that never have to be "learned"-- yet are universal,
Exist outside the constraints of time, and become exponentionally More subjective as they're strung together.

A strand of jewels that has no concern for what I refer to as 'Millenial Newspeak'--

Eyes devour the resplendent, the visually stunning

Even when minds shift off and a virtual screen-saver glazes over

Any "tl;dr"



Orwellian B.S.


Said another way?

The heart has no need for

Even on an "off" day, you
Affect it, its
Chamber by

The body of work you've created

Skitters with an emotional velocity too deft for
Man's lazy Abbreviations. No need
To dial Orwell on
The White Courtesy Phone

There are no acronyms in the
Human condition; whether
We 'choose to be all right'
Or not

It just is
What it is

It just is.

Ack, the forced "line breaks..."

Some of the capital letters were intended as the beginning of--

Aw, fuck it.

I'll just post this (unintended) little "free write" on my own effing blog

And leave the explanations for politicians, the statements for newspapers.


All the same...



oh, best friend/roommate and i were just having a similar conversation this week. it's almost like the anxiety of the world is stopping us creatively.
we both have creative jobs that are easily effected by the economy (read: fashion. the stress of our day-to-day work life, coupled with non-stop bad news on the radio, sad stories surrounding's left us both with this weird feeling, best described as depression...but that's not entirely accurate, either. this weird emotional state is making it hard to create our own personal work. what's a girl to do?

p.s. i've read the bell jar no less than 55 times. one of my favorite books EVER!

wow, your post really resonated with me. not just because _the bell jar_ has always been the book i've turned to in moments of anxiety and confusion, but because i too feel frustrated and in need of creative outlet right now. every direction seems so, so uncertain, and all i want is happiness. it's probably the november doldrums. but i can tell you that i always look to your paintings on my wall for inspiration. you should know that your work really ignites energy and creative force in others. remember that whenever you feel down. and give georgie a squeeze.

I LOVE what your friend H told you! I'm going to remember that one... It fits perfectly with me right now.

Sie haben eine schöne Seite!

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