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December 27, 2008


you two look so beautiful...awesome pictures
xo jf

i also had a kinda scary xmas... just me and my bf watching panic in needle park (i thought it was gonna be a love story??)... slightly depressing!

on a brighter note... loving the cards and outfits!!!

your showpony email doesn't like me and won't let me have a card! :(

Kime, you look so freakin' hot in plaid!

Miss cynthia looks nicely vixn-ish, too, esp. the first.

Sounds like my Xmas eve-- living outside of the country on a tropical island in 90 deg weather is glamourous to all my friends trapped in a snow storm-- but thats really the place I wanted to be during the holidays, surrounded by friends. But like you, I was determined to have some fun on Xmas, and spent most of the day watching Christmas claymation movies and B&W classics with a glass of wine and junk food-- sometimes when you cant feel miserable anymore, you just gotta make your own fun in the situation.

PS: I tried to email your above address to try for a card, but when I got your spam-prevention email, replying to it bounced back with 'permentant failures' and the link to fill in the form wouldn't work.

I like the shot where it looks as though you are "birthing" your photographer.

nice and funny and strange.

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