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February 27, 2009


*sigh* At least I was able to make it to the sho once...Good Luck with whatever you choose to do next ;o)

i am so sorry to hear about this. you and your shop have always been a huge inspiration to me. i have heard of so many shops closing lately and the world is losing some amazing gems right now. and in the meantime i am struggling to keep the doors of my place open. though i almost feel like i partied with you and your trashy flappers, sadly i never made it in showpony. best wishes for whatever you occupy your time and energy with in the future!

Awh, this is very upsetting! Like many others have said, I'm glad that I had the chance to visit Show Pony. However, I'm very sad because I had always dreamed of playing for a small crowd at Show Pony, during the summer time, with cup cakes too! Hopefully you will find yourself on a new exciting adventure that could possibly lead you to opening a Show Pony part II? Haha, good luck Kime! It was a wonderful experience being able to come all the way from Seattle to see your store and to meet you!

Whitney Ballen

i am so sad!!!!!!! i've never been to the west coast and your store is one of the few places i have wanted to visit(and shop!!)

i can't even imagine how sad this is for you and all of your beloved followers. it hurts my heart.

ever since i stumbled upon your blog, i've dreamed of visiting show pony. i'm sad that i'll never get the chance to now, but i'm sure you're making proper decisions and i wish you luck with whatever your next exciting endeavor may be!

NOOOOOO this cannot be happening! it is the best store ever!

i have shopped and attended your wonderful gatherings and have also enjoyed several years reading your blog. this is such a big step for you kime and i wish you all the best. show pony helped give sparkle to that discrete little spot on the hill and has done an amazing job of bringing out some great will be missed! can't wait to see where your road takes you next!

Is Saturday your last day open? OMG..I can't believe my bad luck. I don't know if I can make it and so want to see everything in person before its over...

Oh Cherie! Where is she now? I was there at the beginning with you sweet Kime, drive by shootings and all...I cannot believe that was 9 years ago. What a trooper you are. What a stamp you put on that neighborhood, a beacon to all cool kids everywhere. I am sad for an end to such a glamorous and subversive run, but I know this will only free you up to make an even more dynamic dent in the world of art and fashion. Viva La Showpony Forever!!!

Noooooooooooo! I am saddened to hear that my favorite shop in the world (well, it's tied with my treehouse) is closing. Visiting you and your shop was well worth taking a 2 hour bus ride through LA and I still remember it so very fondly! I've always dreamed of escaping new york and ending up at showpony and living in its universe. alas! but i know for you, bright futures await! I'm trying to hold onto my treehouse as well as we speak...keep your fingers crossed! But your talents are neverending, and I'm sure your next endeavor will be equally divine. And now that you have some free time, I hope you come visit NY! I'll give you a tour!kisses, siri treehouse

NOooooooooo! i still havent got an opportunity to shop at ur shop. bummer man... is it because of the economy? (i hope no big wigs are buying out all the lil shops there)....or is it new adventures? i hope its for new adventures....i wish you the best of luck and happy times with your upcoming new daily doings. :)

That sucks...I've closed and opened 3 shops now...first one I sold , second because I burned out, but the last one that I just opened is also a studio space, so it's double duty! You have other irons in many fires, and one person can only do so much! Focus on the things that bring you the most happiness and um...also pay the bills ha ha!

one door closes......and another one opens for you

Wow... Congratulations on 9 years, you've inspired so many people, including myself.

But man... I just booked my first trip this morning to California.

And I was just telling my friend " the only thing I need to do in LA is go to the Show Pony" :(.

OH WOW, well when are you coming to L.A> nicole marie?? We will probably be closing it all down during the month of march and so maybe you can still take part in the closing ceremonies!
Thanks again everyone for all the sweet blog comments, I passed the shop tonight and almost broke down in tears for the first time. It still hasn't really hit me yet. We will probably be having big parties on March 7th, and maybe March 13th. I'll keep you posted.

like the others, I too never got a chance to visit. I'm crossing my fingers tight for another magical shop in your future.

Merci, au revoir, Showpony!

kime! i am so, so devastated. my only comfort is if you feel resolute and eager to embrace new things. but a world without showpony. . .wow.

i am so, so glad i was able to visit during the summer. i'd feel so remiss now! what an amazingly inspirational place. you've no doubt brought TONS of happiness to a lot of people. . .

any chance you'll put some stuff on ebay and etsy for us east coast folk? and as i mentioned in my little note on etsy when i bought your ep, i'm interested in the "woods" painting that disappeared from etsy. . .i think you know which one i mean. if you still have it, i'm game.

i wish you all the best with the next step, kime. promise that you'll continue to make your art and amazing wares available!

oh no!!!!!!! l.a. is losing one of it's real gems though it's always so exciting to see what wonderful things you'll do next. you've created such an amazing place it's in your cards to create something really special again. good luck in whatever that may be kime!

so sad! i've always wanted to visit showpony and i'm kicking myself for not making it over when i was in la last weekend, i tried but was too late on a sunday and left early the next day :(
can't wait to see what new projects you'll take on, congrats on the 9 years...that's quite an accomplishment!

i'm bummed. i so wanted to visit on my first trip to l.a.

l.a. girls don't know what they're missing. you will go on to do great things none the less. you have star qualities and will leave us all in the dust.

on to better things show pony gal!

It is a very rainy, and gloomy Sunday up here. I thought i would brighten it up a little with a little Moldy D. sunshine.This news makes my heart hurt.


Oh this is so sad! One thing I wanted to do in my lifetime is to go to your store, you are such an icon and inspiration to so many! I am sure whatever direction you go in next will be blessed though!

Hey Kime!... I wont be in LA till July.... waayy too late for the closing unfortunately. But hopefully you will be exhibiting around that time in the area so I can see some of your gorgeous work in person.

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