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February 19, 2009


i am in love with your artwork, and "the sugar sharks"!
you are so incredibly talented :)


I've been reading for a bit but haven't commented yet. Hey! So I listened to your song back when you first posted it and today I was shopping for some flowers and found myself humming something, wasn't sure what it was, then realized it was The Sugar Sharks, hehe! Good stuff.

he he
that's funny. It does have that way of creeping into your brain- if you hear it a few times. Thanks for the comment. xox

beautiful kime....
love the hazy blue ladies.

Definitely know how you feel on the procrastination-fear of making mistakes-getting over the first obstacle thing.

That's an ongoing issue for me... I feel different from a lot of artists who make art theraputic when they're feeling down-- I can only get in the creative mindset when I feel content. So if things arent going well with what I've been working on, I feel that I can't push ahead. And then I do the worst possible thing, which is stop drawing and feel anxiety, procrastinating about picking up the paintbrush again. In those cases I can now turn to my rediscovered "Art & Fear" book. I randomly got it when I was 15 at "Half priced books" in my old hometown, Indianapolis, IN. At $9.99 it was most of my pocket cash. Somehow over the years, I forgot about it and never finished the book (yes the irony). I found it again about 2 years ago when rummaging through my mom's flea-market of a garage and, despite realizing its now corny self-help overtones, reclaimed it. Its really changed my perfectionist anxiety-ridden approach to art making. I love that message of, if youre not making mistakes then you're not trying.

It seemed like an obscure book to me, but out of curiousity I looked it up on Amazon, and I was really surprised to see that it has status as a artist self-help classic:

Vive le Sugar Shark!

Hey Kime,

I have been reading your blog for ages but I haven't commented on any of your posts, until now. I have to say that I was really surprised to read that you are dealing with procrastination issues. This is quite contrary to the impression I get when I visit your blog. Like how much more do you think you should be doing? Your art work is gorgeous and inspiring. You run Show Pony (and design and make the stuff that you sell in there), exhibit often, do covers for books, albums, magazines - and now you're making music! Oh and you go out - dressed superbly, with nice looking people, who all seem to love hanging out with you. Plus you blog about it (really well). So yeah if this is procrastinating then I am really doomed.

Nina - Sugar Sharks fan on myspace

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