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March 25, 2009


I am sooo jealous of your desert explorations!! Just hop in a car and drive! This is why I want to move to LA. (live in NYC currently) I heart Joshua Tree. You may know about this one: There is also a haunted hotel in Death Valley - Amargosa Opera House and Hotel
I almost stayed there with a friend but we were too scared of ghouls in the desert night. If you ever stay there, I'd love to see your spooky pics.

i love a good haunt...gorgeous pictures and you two are so cute together
xx jf

awesome shots and I love lil trips like this, esp when ribs, donuts and margaritas are involved. Jerome, AZ has haunted hotels also and Bisbee, AZ.. you'd love both those towns.

I LOVE that place the Amaragosa! I have stayed there like 4 times! My friends and I spent the "millenium" new year (2000) there cause we figured if the whole world was screwed we'd like to be in the middle of no where playing board games. I heard that someone made a cool documentary on that hotel. I am dying to go to Bisbee just like Cindy said- I heard it's so cute there!

hey kime...i actually watched the amargosa documentary last month and its amazing...they have it on netflix if you or someone you know has that

Wow Kime! That is a superior year 2000 new years party. Totally brilliant idea.

hey kime, that victorian vase is a picture by Alphonse Mucha, one of my favorite artists! his work is a lot like mine. he lived in the late 1800's. check out some of his other stuff here:

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