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March 17, 2009


I had my crit today for those photos and my teacher absolutely loved them!!
I am so sorry I didn't call you back but i will. i got so overwhelmed and the kids who live in my building then convinced me to hang out with them.

oh man take me with you. i need a break.

id didnt go out much today either but boy wasn't it a gorgeous day in la today!

Hi Kime,

You should cross the border into Canadada, and visit Vancouver! We'll welcome you with love.

whoa! i second Oni's comment! I am also from Van and wanted to send out the exact invite! If not Van, i'll meet you in SF! xo

hey kime! i just wanted to tell you that seattle is wonderful! it is my favorite place on earth! i was born and raised part of my life there but was forced to move to utah. blah! :) i highly recommend you spend a day or so up there in seattle. make sure you stop at pike place market. if you have not been there i know for a fact that you would love it! you could spend days looking around at all the original art and clothing and small stacked-to-the-ceiling bookstores. plus not to mention the food! please check that out! :) love always, alexandra jane

great photos. I love your place, so cute. I also love the terrarium!

it's an awesome should totally do it

I'd like to cook for you before I leave. Emma suggested I get in touch with you before hand.

At the block party you said "don't say anything that'll make me cry" so I chose not to say "Hey! Jubelee and I are moving at the end of the month."

let me know if you make it to seattle, i would love to show you around and grab some coffee!
xo- natalia

i never thanked you for putting up the Darfur Rally information the other day, thank you soso much! :) & for an update, today Obama appointed a special envoy to Sudan, which is very good news! Thank you for helping out! :)
Also, if you come to SF, I'd love to meet for coffee! <33 caitlin

I'm an SF girl and would love to meet up! XOXO Annalise

Ah! Pictures of your creative space is so inspiring and colorful! Nice!

I agree, Seattle is the place to be!

coffee & treats on me! come to seattle.
xoxo mindy sue bell

Coming past Perth West Australia ever? We can sit on the verandah, drink a cold beer (or whatever your poison), watch the sun set, whilst the little "Willywag Tail" birdies sing.

Guess that's a long shot huh! :)

Love you, your cat, and your blog. Beautiful illustrations!

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