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March 02, 2009


Hey Kimme, just curious as to what it would take to keep Show Pony open? It seems as if you've made your mind up to close, but have you considered finding a partner? You have been an inspiration to so many, and I know how sad I was after I closed up maybe there is a way? What ever you have decided I'm sure is the right thing to do.

Kime- I wish i was there, I was in Ohio and thinking of you. You've changed echo park and LA for the better and you are truly amazing. I can't wait to see what you do next. So much love to you.

that self potrait looks just like you!!!!cute pics etc...

what a bummer. I'm sad to hear about show pony closing but also sad i didnt read yr blog for the past couple days and had no idea about your sale!!! Are you selling more on yr closing party?


I want to add my congratualtions on moving on to something new and exciting! Change is always scary and means some goodbyes. And as a fellow Scorpio, it is what we are all about: Death and Rebirth. The whole Phoenix thing. I have never made it to the store but your blog has been something I look forward to checking every day. I have had to make some hard and sad decisions lately too... they were driven by the economy but in reality they are just the opportunity I needed to rethink my approach to the creative side of me.
I look forward to hearing ( and seeing) the next stage of your creative undertakings. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOX Keep Rolling with it! You have loads of cheerleaders and fellow travelers on the road of death and rebirth.


I am so sad that I am missing all of this awesomeness!

Good Luck to you!!!

Kime!!!! So sad I'll be in NY and miss your final sale. I'll miss Show Pony but am really proud of you for taking this next step. xoxox

hi kime, i wish i could be there! it is true that sometimes we have to let things go to make room for new creative endeavors. whatever you pursue in the future just know that you are an inspiration to so many people!i wish you all the best on this exciting new chapter of your life!

so sad.. all great things must come to and end to make way for bigger, better things! good luck kime and i'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of you in the near future.

so wish i could be at the final sale. . .i hope it's amazing (bittersweet, of course, but also full of lot of laughter and good people).

i got your cd AND the pic you included! thank you so, so much. you're so sweet.

wishing you all the best in this crazy last week. .


wait,so your closing and you already had a sidewalk sale???
and i missed it
omg and i always tell myself im going to show pony store next weekend=(.
I can't believe that i never got the chance to see your awesome stuff
is everything gone by now????

Now I know why I shouldn't avoid the internet for more than two days! Show Pony has been a huge part of my 'coming of age' and I will be sad about having to close that up. Nostalgia aside, you are amazing and one of those who just always gets better.
Much love,
From Desi


You are the best!
I saw you grow up on this block, now you are off to school and a grown lady! WOW.
The big big big FINAL party is this saturday with super sidewalk sale sat and sun 12-5
PLEASE come if you can
Han Cholo and LAdy Boy is also closing for GOOD

When i first came to los angeles, show pony was one of the first places i wanted to visit. I have been reading yr blog for so long! You and your friends inspire me so much. xoxo

Man, i never got to come visit. Loved how original this store seemed, so beautiful and lovely. Good luck on everything doll, your an amazing lady.

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