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March 16, 2009


Your life is fabulous, and so are you.

I love your decor!!!

gorgeous....and um, that octopus!...amazing

Wow! Your set-up by the window is really inspiring! I hope to do some painting today!

these are fabulous. . .so, so inspiring!

and many thanks for letting me know about the gallery. i'll contact them (though also excited about the possibility of what you might post on etsy later this week. . .i'll have to weigh options, but i've been in love with "woods" ever since you sent a little flyer for that show with one of my purchases. . .)


oh my gosh I want your cat!...and your clothes heehee ;0) xxx

there's no workplace like home (and what a pretty one you have) <3

I'm in love with your cat

just wait til we clone georgie! than all of you can have your very own pocket sized georgie xo
ha ha

Your house is amazing :)
Greetings from Poland!

Beautiful workspace....but I'm really not surprised!! Of course its just as beautiful as all you pieces!

your workspace makes so much sense for what you paint, pure lovely. I am also in love with your cat. :0)

beautiful... you are such an inspiration.


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