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April 02, 2009


HA! Nobody played any pranks on me. NPR got me tho with one of their stories. As for the London gig.. I was like DAMN GIRL HOW RAD! I'm glad your cat is ok, that hap'd to my dog but with asprin-good thing I have a very giving boss-he paid for ALL of it since I don't have the $$$$$$$$

Wow! Reading about the flowers gave me a scary 'holy crap' moment. I too have a cat who loves, loves, loves getting into flower bouquets at home. And we have had lilies in the house one time or another. I'll know now not to have these flowers inside again. I hope Georgie is doing better.

is mr h your new bf????

london? that sounds great. do you think you'll go? well, if you want to visit glasgow too, you are of course welcome to stay with us. the flight's an hour or so, train takes 4 - 5 hours. (bus can take anything between 8 and 14, so avoid that!)

Eek! What a brutal day! Glad you survived and Georgie Boy too! Poor little fuzzball! Congrats on the tee shirt! ;)

SO glad GB is okay. . .and will keep this all in mind for my kitties, one of whom goes after flowers like mad.

received my goods thurs. . .gorgeous, gorgeous. must find frames!


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