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April 20, 2009


I was a child in the eighties. I am a product of the eighties. Gawd! How I love the eighties.

If you're big into the 80s, you might want to check out the books BAND FAGS! and DRAMA QUEERS! by Frank Anthony Polito. Both are set in mid-80s Detroit (sort of like Ohio) and each chapter is titled after an 80s song.

There's also a scene where the two boys push their car down the street in neutral before starting it so their parents won't hear them driving away late at night!

Ah, good times...

I've been wanting to see this movie-I actually haven't seen a trailer or heard anything about it until just reading your post, but I pass this old movie theater every day on my way to my internship and I always see "Adventureland now playing" and i've been wondering what it was.

And, yes, it's so true. A rule of thumb for designers/the fashion world is to just look at what was in fashion about 20 years ago :) Personally, I don't like the 80's so much (I want leggings OUT) but I love what balmain and Marc Jacobs did this season...
I like your blog.
xo, mavi


I know, someone needs to retire that leggings thing. I love that Balmain stuff too. There is only a small bit of 80's fashion that I love- mostly layered fall things. I also loved that weird Turban phase that bananarama and thompson twins sported.
There is one scene in the movie where they show some girls walking past that are so lucky star. It actually made me laugh out loud cause it was so "mall" that lace bow headband with plastic big earring combo.

Kime, I had a similar reaction when I saw the movie. I think I had cartoon heats thumping in my eyes as soon as the first note of music played. I didn't grow up in the Midwest (I grew up here in LA), but there was just too much to remind me of being 16.

If you liked Jesse Eisenberg (male lead), rent a little movie he did called The Squid and The Whale. And I don't care about that vampire movie she did, I have a girl crush on Kristen Stewart. Next she's going to play Joan Jett.

Your blog always makes me happy. :)

Hearts. Cartoon... hearts.

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