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May 09, 2009


I don't know if you've heard of that PBS series Art: 21 but its focused on artists in the 21st century and covers every facet of art (photog, painting, performance, sculpture) in the series ( I think theres a season 1 and 2...) In each episode they have a theme like 'place' and then show interviews and work by artists who's art is focused on that theme. Kiki Smith was on the episode themed "stories" :

If you check out the series, also look for the one on Sally Mann. I always thought her photography was so magical, but I really got into her photos after seeing the backstory about them, her process. She's really intense, and it was interesting hearing how her (now grown) kids talk about her as an artist-collaberator-mom-not mom role:

I did see that Sally Mann one! I loved her photographs so much when I was a student, bought her book and then later saw that. I loved when she talked about how later in life her son decided he didn't want to be photographed in them. I had a lot of rad photography T.A. friends in college who always showed me cool shutterbugs. My fav back then was Francesca woodman. xo Thanks for the comment...I'm gonna check out the kiki one!

Thanks for the Francesca Woodman tip, Kime! ...Where has she been all my life?? Its exactly what I need.

YAY, so glad you love her too, I was obsessed in the mid 90's with her so much that I did two school papers on her. I found out later that my art prof went to RISD with her and his wife was her art school chum. It breaks my heart she ended her life so young. Such a prodigy.

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