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May 13, 2009


Georgie Boy is so ultra-real and cute. Sometimes it is hard to believe that he isn't a plush doll. I just want to reach across the screen and cuddle him.

Uuummmm super cute cuddliness! I had to see what was new on here after seeing your painting on 90210 the other night; then got all googly over the kitties. Lovely, absolutely Lovely. xox

In that one photo Georgie looks mad that your taking pics of another man.

meow meow meow, meow meow.. SO cute, meow meow, all your kitty's

Your cats are adorable!

I actually had a funny grooming video of georgie boy but for some reason my old camera had some glitches with video.
I can't believe cassandra saw the 90210 painting!! IT's gonna be on next weeks episode too for those of you who may have missed it!

Georgie Boy looks so handsome on those floral prints! Mr. Precious.

georgie is a cutie as always, but who is this other mystery cat?! does he/she have name? is she georgie's gf?

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