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May 18, 2009


I can't believe how brown your hair was-I like the louise bourgeois spider

I'd love to go to Japan one day. That place and France.

My place is just a few-minute walk from SHIBUYA FM in the photo above^^

i really love your blog!

love from Tokyo~

I'm so excited you posted this! I'm planning a trip to Japan for July.If you could suggest one place that can't be missed, please share. I'll have to look into the outdoor market in Harajuko, that would be definitely something to check out. I love your blog and art. All the best.

Azu! so cool you read this!!

Well Erin... there are so many cool things to do there- but I would have to say my favorite thing was the LAFORET mall- amazing clothes and things- and the giant TOY store KIDDYLAND! in harajuku, it;s like 12 floors or something insane like that. And of course try and visit the gothic lolitas in the park on a sunday in tokyo.
I loved walking around shibuya too, cool shops and little cobble streets with yummy restaurants and bars. If you have the time taking the super train to Kyoto is a must! The 100 Buddhas and other amazing site seeing.
The funny thing is that even the 100 yen (99 cent )stores is pretty amazing. As an artist Tokyu hands is awesome cause they have all of the best drawing stuff and markers (most design markers are made there so they are much cheaper ) a million floors of crafts and home things- sort of a dept store (link:

I love the 'smoldering brunette Kime'!

And I adore your earlier style paintings hanging on the wall... I'd really like to see them big and close up-- if you have the scans, you should do a post of Kime styles past, a timeline of work prior to your blogging days.

Tokyo is a crazy and wonderful place. I want to buy Kime and have her as my own personal artist.

Wow.. I'd go broke if I went there. So many cool toys and stuff in general. Maybe you could get somebody that has a negative scanner to scan them all in and then you can print them out on a regular printer or GIANT sized printer ;o)

I read about that mall!!! I can't wait, thank you so much for the inside scoop, I'll start plugging it in to my itinerary.
I greatly appreciate all the info I can collect from people, I trust it far more than some travel book

I have a cd from that interview somewhere...I have to find that! :)
That trip was such a crazy blast. Remember when that drunk guy almost walked on our table at the sushi restaurant in Kyoto...why didn't someone tell me about my hair situation? I'm digging that femme fatale brunette look you were rocking though.

I know that was so funny! I was remembering how rowdy that sushi place was and the walls were barely dividing rooms. We both had some interesting hair then, wish we had brought more cash to that flea market too. Remember all the cool jewelry we saw there?

Those guys that made the crazy metal hand neckpieces! hole lee i forgot about those...just talked to reijin. I think we're going in October, you should come!

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