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August 30, 2009


truly inspired! Thanks for posting!

i think tavi is fab-u-lous too!! i would say there's a bit of jealousy rearing its ugly head over the opportunities she's been given as a result of her blog. tavi knows how to have fun with fashion and the imagination of this 13 year old is inspiring! go tavi!!

OMG I totally agree! And for all the people wondering why the relaunch of a new formatted POP mag would choose her along side Damien Hirst- I just realized that it's a perfect match...because Damien Hist was dismissed in the same way when he hit the scene as a flash in the pan--a super young artist way too young to get into the whitney Biennial- BUT...He definitely proved them wrong. So in a weird way they both represent an "out there-- cool new kid appeal"

i agree, tavi is so fun and inspring even to those much older than her, she def has a bright future!

I totally agree. She is an inspiration for me everyday. I was so shy at her age.

I love Tavi! have been following her blog for quite a while now. I don't get the controversy either - they're probably just scared that a 13 year old does a better job reporting on fashion then they do! :)

Just out of are in LA I believe...where do you buy you copy of POP? It's so irritating to have to run around from newsstand to newsstand to bookstore find certain mags! ;)

I haven't gotten this new one for myself yet- but I normally find it in L.A. at the Centerfold on fairfax- or the news stand on cahuenga or sometimes circus of books!

I really need to own this one

Wow, this kid is amazing!

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