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November 18, 2009


Home Sweet Home!

holy moly it's so amazing!! congrats!!


Its beautiful :)

are you going to add any color to the walls?

Congratulations Kime, what a sweet house.
Are you going to have a yard sale? I would love to sift through your castoffs...

This looks amazing Kime! I am sooo sooo happy for you guys.
The place is dreamy. I love the tilework, how airy it looks, the fireplace, the yard!!!!
I have been ill too with sounds like same thing...wah.
Thrilled for you both. xo

looks so lovely! enjoy your "secreted" place! you deserve it lady! xoxo m

I saw a grip of those painted sinks in mexico, and soo much more. it's worth a trip down there.

oh, this brought tears to my eyes! congratulations, kime.... love that garden! and that built in wood and marble sink, wow! you did good, mr. h! : )

what a beautiful, happy, warm place! congrats kime! xo

beautiful home! i've been following your blog for the past two years or so and ever since then, you've been ubiquitous to me. i was at ulta last month and i saw the eyeshadow box for the first time in person- i had to buy it. lovely artwork, it inspires me everytime i do my makeup...honestly.

anyways... congratulations on your new home. you're lucky to have such a caring man in your life! best of luck with moving in :)


this is wonderful! congratulations to you both! super exciting and sooo lovely! i can't wait to see when you're all settled in.
..i had that cold the other week- it's a long and rotten one! i hope you're over it by now and that your move is goin super easy!

how fun for you guys! looks very promising, I can't wait to see what you do with it ;)

I love the new place! It's very open and I love the arched doorways. Where's Georgie's pal? Is he out exploring?

Love your new place with the sunlight streaming in. Fabulous!!


This place is darling! I can't wait to see what you two do with it after it becomes cozytown!!!!

wow!! so perfect. super congrats kime you deserve it!! xo

This place is a stunner! Truly, there's no place like home. It is where we relax, have fun, feel secured and have a quality time with our family. Therefore, you should make it a place that's worth staying. =)

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