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November 29, 2009


awwwwwwwwww man kime, that sucks!
: (
at least you have a good attitude about it!

dude. quit makin me cry! My first tear was for the bad part of the post, my second tear was for the good part. Am sending you love. All I can say is wow...and let's hear it for the concept of balance in this world...right? Amazing. I want to freak out w/ you right now, but I can't really bring myself to freak out in a blog comment. xo

super bummer about your car. i'm trying to imagine what kind of jerks want to steal sentimental things like mix cds and vintage hats.

on a different note, i hope your spring break is what i think it is!

I'll be sending you lots of positive Reiki tonight.

oh man kime....the first part of the story doesn't even matter...i am thrilled for you and can not wait to see what your spring day will look like....i already know it will look like happiness ♥

i had my car stolen once and it was awful, i had a ton of stuff in it as well. i'm so sorry that happened to you... but soooo happy for your magical news!!!!! xo!

just awful! this happened to me last week as was the first time (lucky, i guess) and felt so terrible! they didn't even steal anything from me - just smashed the window and messed around with some stuff...left my miley cyrus cd and random dog toys alone. still feels just gross!

so sorry this happened to you! the pits!

however, those hints of happy news that you posted sure are exciting!!

magical news indeed!!!!

mazel tov xoxo

Never commented before but feeling a complete FunnyFace look to your Springbreak celebration with JPG Wedding topper. Can't wait to see these pics. Congratulations.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!!!!!

Its just stuff and getting hitched is just awesome news! Congrats!

you are going to be one stylin' bride. amazing, kime! so happy for you (and sorry about the theft. karma does come around. . .)


This is great news (apart from the first part). I've been reading your blog for ages and when you posted the photos from Joshua Tree (basketball playing Mr H) I kinda' got the feeling - well you know...

oh, what lovely news!


did you hear me scream up there in your tree house? !!!
Kimeeeee the best amazing news

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