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March 10, 2010


I loved him in Lucas as well.. And I miss the old days.. I was in 8th grade when Lucas came out..sometimes i think technology will be the ruin of civilization.. but I still love some of it HA!

He was awesome! I am sad!
I feel ya on getting old it's amazing how many things have changed since we were young. We had no privacy you would have to talk on the phone in front of everyone. You were cool if you had your own phone in your room. Now they are talking on webcams and texting every second of there life..

Oh yeah! I remember this guy. He's an actor during my chilhood time.

i think i must have just missed out on this part of the 80's, which makes me sad cos i always loved 80's movies - the goonies and gremlins being my favourites!
i enjoyed reading this post, thanks Kime :)


I was not growing up in the 80's---well, maybe I was (MY kids were getting married. I loved your writing and could really relate. Keep writing and sharing...geo

oh, corey haim was my first crush and i had his posters on my wall... i remember first seeing him in Lucas (and i liked that the shy girl in the film was also named Rina.) (Winona Ryder) I too have been feeling nostalgic for the good old days as well.... The 80's were fabulous. so much better than the 90's or the 10's or whatever we are in ; p Other than the computer i still have yet to get modernized, have not even gotten a cell phone, still have the old fashioned phone with answering machine. don't want to be a serial texter, facebook is bad enough! ; ) ahhh, the 80's.... miss you....

Kime, you hit it right on the head. Everything you say is soooo true! VCR's?! Oh man, I remember when my best friend got one...and we rented Thriller. We danced all night to it, rewinding it...and setting up the dance moves over and over again.

Brilliant post.

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