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March 04, 2010


Love the shoes, love the dresses... I have no doubt that you'll have an incredibly stylish wedding!

check out this dress

ps My advice is to wear a dress you could NEVER wear on any other day.

my first post didn't go thru! go to Paris 1900 in Santa Monica on Main Street. she has a lot of white or white-ish dresses that are not necessarily wedding dresses. she ALSO collects vintage lace and then has the pieces put together to make these beautiful deconstructed dresses. make an appointment.

I can't wait to see a Kime-Buzzelli-created nuptial event. I know its going to be super creative and inspiring!!

Hi Kime,

When my wife and I got freaked out by all the hoo-ha of planning a big wedding (we got about 1/3 of the way down that road) we decided to scrap it all and have the wedding we wanted to have. We had our two best friends fly down to Tulum, Mexico with us, and we were wed by a traditional Mayan shaman with our 2 friends as witnesses (we sealed the deal officially by having a civil ceremony at NY city hall with another best friend as a witness after we got back). It was perfect... simple, fun, relaxing, totally stress free. We were both really relieved when we jumped off the "big wedding" bus and decided to do it low-key! Whichever way you go, I know you will have a wonderful day, many many well-wishers, and the joy of knowing you found your partner and buddy for life!

All the Best to the two of you,


WOW, paul that sounds perfect! One of my best friends just returned from Tulum, mexico and said she had the most romantic amazing time. I decided all of this mostly because so many friends wasted tons of money and felt overwhelmed after having big weddings where they were trying to please everyone else. I just think that the actual wedding ceremony should be all about you and that person, and although i would love to have friends and family witness, I would be just has happy to have them celebrate our union after the fact. Besides less money and stress for them as well. xo thanks for the cool advice, and congrats

hello kimme,
i think my first post evaporated...i'm looking for something short for my own wedding, and found some good inspiration on this site (even though most of it is out of my price range). best of luck to you! i'll stay tuned.

i must know where to find the top two dresses.. pretty please?!

i picture you wearing a matte silk mid-thigh drop waist sheath dress. cream with lace overlay. you could broach the drop waist for some sparkle. that's if you want to get super fancy. good luck finding your dress!

WHOA where is that first dress from? I wannnnntttttt it!!! please post the link!


You would really like this blog:

for unconventional and free ideas.

Here's a couple you might like:

I'm planning my wedding myself, but with large italian families on both sides, we are trying to find a balance in-between family and artist mind.

Best of luck,


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