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June 16, 2010


exactly! xo

I need to remind myself to do that... imagine good things for the future; it is often difficult to see beyond day-to-day unpleasantness. Thank you for the reminder! And here's wishing you and yours success and happiness!!! Is that New Mexico?

Hey there. It's been a couple of weeks since I checked out your blog. But I was inspired to go to Joshua Tree after you took the leap and did the quickie wedding.

I'm not sure that you realize what inspiration you are to so many people.

And my words to you (via my little sister) for your vision. "Leap and the net will appear".

And...keep me posted on your next fun yard sales. I love the goodies that I got last time!


aww, that was so sweet! I am so glad you went out there. I love that saying from your sis, so inspiring. I think i am going to sell at the 1520 Urban outfitters courtyard Flea market this sunday 11-5, PLEASE COME! xoxo

I have a friend who wrote a "letter to the Universe" - of all the thing she wanted (within reason of course) for her life. All of them came true!

I hope you both get everything you want. I want Cynthia but it'll never be,

You're on the back page of Juxtapoz this month. It's a really good issue. Harvey Pekar! Deanna Templeton! Screenprinting! Street art!

Love this post :)
I do this all the time but didn't really realize about it till I read your post :)

I can tell your back at work the doily is getting moldy. I am so
blue without your blogs.
p.s. dont work too hard

This house is just beautiful... what a great space to be creative.

lucky girl, i think that's already your present. ( :

Believe, Believe, Believe! you will make it so!

WOW! beautiful place! wish i could have a place like this too! yay!
looks like a fantastic get away. love to see the view of the place and the pool.

The Doily is Moldy...

Hey! Where are you!? In perusing my blog subscriptions I realized I hadn't seen any Moldy Doily updates in AGES! I hope you and the Mr. are well!

Also... where is that house (pictured) located. The mountains in the background look a little like the Sandias (albuquerque). I'm in the process of packing for a big move at the end of august-- to where we don't yet know. Maybe Santa Fe. Maybe Brooklyn. I think a "letter to the universe" might be in order, stat.

Do you think moving to Santa Fe would be like going into early retirement-- you know, live in a cute little adobe house, ski, enjoy the outdoors...? Would you do it? Is Brooklyn the more sensible move, job/career-wise, or is that a fairly predictable move (like... "hmm, I'm sorta creative and I don't know where to go, so I guess Brooklyn would be "cool"). Silly, question, I guess, but I'd love a Kime perspective!

All the Best,


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