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August 14, 2010


oh MY GOD! That's horrible. I hope it all works out and that you will feel better soon as well. SO WEIRRRRRRRRD!!!


This sounds like a nightmare.
The good news is she may have tried to steal your work but she will never be able to create and be as original as you are.

a true fan
Aria C.

I haven't checked your blog for a bit and was SHOCKED to read your last post! That's flippin insane! Good for you for going to your lawyer!
As an artist, I always wonder what happens to my originals when they're gone; are people really adhering to my 'you do not have reproduction rights' copyright?! Im blown away that someone would try that with your work as it is so recognizable!
Glad you are starting to feel better :)

my brain is even dizzier now.
How did this not come up in conversation today?
koo koo la roo

I'm so sorry you've been through this Kimme. We were walking down Atlantic Ave. last night and saw your work in the Banquet's window. I so admire your talent and your work is indeed recognizable and one of a kind. best of luck to you in sorting this out.

Every few months there is an artist that I know (through the blog feeds) that experiences what you have just gone through. It is an emotional rollercoaster ride - anger, fear, sadness, bafflement.
Unfortunately the internet has made it so much easier for this sort of thing to happen. Yet the morons who commit fraud really do believe they will never be caught.
On a positive note you have done the right thing by letting your lawyer handle the situation.
I hope you feel better soon. And I am sure the fraudster will get her just desserts.
Be cool. XOXO

Angela Strawberry Curls Must Die!!!!!!!!

Wow... truly creepy. It seems this type of theft is sadly so common, there are four artists I think think of off the top of my head, whose blogs I have followed for years, that have posted about theft of their work through the internet. And its not only use of their work (even false ebay shops with prints from the real artist's blog scans)-- its the claiming of their identities that is most creeepy. They take on some of the real artists' identities and create accounts-- flickr, myspace, ebay, facebk, etc-- using things from the artists' blog posts, scans, comments etc. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

But on the positive side, every work an artist creates has a natural copyright that protects you in most respects, even if you didnt officially copyright it. And the point is, you are Kime Buzzelli, theres so much more amazing art in your style within you: you are the source.... she doesn't have that within her so she copied you, but now you are stopping her from continuing and force her to remove what she posted...people will forget about her. You, on the other hand, will continue to produce the work that people know you for.

An artist whose work I love, Lauren Nassef, had a similar thing happen. An ART GRAD STUDENT (i know!!) actually stole Nassef's work for her fabric prints-- even to the point of making a fake sketchbook that had traced scans of Nassef's drawings included in the theifs own designs!!. The fraud artist had art shows in England and even won cash prizes in a prestigous art contest in England using Nassef's designs! The blog Book by its Cover took up for her--you should check out these post showing how the girl stole the work and the other post where BBIC had a copyright lawyer answering freq. asked copyright questions:

oh wow this sounds like a nightmare. im so sorry to hear this and about your health. i really hope all is ok and you get lots of rest. this art thief is shameless here's to hoping karma will get her back even if from the hands of your lawyers. all the very best x

That is so ridiculous!! I hope everything works out in your favour, and i don't see how it wouldn't. That is always a scary part of having your art on the internet...
Much love, feel better, and the good is on your side! i send you many posi vibes.

(I remember finding your blog a couple of years ago, and was instantly in love and you are so inspiring! I think i felt a connection because some of the portraits i do are very colourful like some of your work. I could never imagine even copying a tiny doodle of yours, much less claiming work! This woman is clearly not on the right track for life...)

Oh man. It really sucks that you have to deal with all this b.s. just because someone is ... a few tacos short. It really makes me think twice about selling my stuff online. I hope you kick her ass! (legally speaking of course)

That is unbelievable!! But you shouldn't worry, your work has been so recognizable for a long time, this woman has no leg to stand on. Still, it amazes me that in this day in age with the web and endless information at our fingertips, someone would try this kind of thing. I wonder, does this Curls gal have an eyeshadow palette carried by Urban Decay?;) Did she make that too? The nerve.

I was very excited to see you started posting again, I wondered if this terrible situation played a part in your lack of posts recently. I am very sorry this happened to you and have complete faith all will be made right.
Any fan of yours knows your style. It is one thing to be inspired by someone's work, we all are, it is a complete other to blatantly plagiarize.

wow, kime i am so sorry, that is absolutely insane that someone would do that to you! i hope you feel better soon! xo

this is such a gross thing to do and totally weird! I'm glad your taking legal action, she clearly went too far. Kime, I have loved you and your work for years and years but it is yours and only yours :)


I can't believe this story, I am appalled that anyone would think this kind of behaviour is ok. Good to hear you're on the mend and getting back your strength to fight back at the sillies! - sharon x

This is so sad and weird :( not to mention pathetic on your stalker's part. Its also horrible how stressed out its made you. Let your lawyer handle it, thats what he's paid to do. Sometimes people get inspiration and copycatting confused. Relax and be well so that you can keep doing your thing. Sending good vibes your way.

That is so freakin scary and INSANE!! I cant believe someone could take it that far and its terrifying that her own mother thinks she is innocent!! I hope she gets all she deserves, thieving scumbag! I truly hope that your health improves and that this hideous problem can be resolved, no wonder your feeling so sick! :-(

That's so terrible!!! Your illness and the theif! I'm glad to read you're feeling better now. I was so concerened when I read that alarming facebook status about an ambulance and IV.

Having someone take credit and steal your work is so violating and frustrating. Let the lawyers sort it out. Your talent will overcome this wannabe.


ugh, creepy!

How weird and horrible!! Hope justice is served..and that you feel better!!

wow! i'm speechless...

it's been a long while since i commented here (and i gave up my blog a long while ago), but i had to comment on this one!

my husband and several of my best friends are from ithaca. he's never heard of this person, but i'm having him and all my ithaca peeps re-post this on facebook, etc. to call this person out. i literally cannot believe someone would do this!

Aw, I'm sorry to hear all of this.

I feel like so often lately I see more cases of people completely stealing other people's work. It's happened to at least 3 of my friends in the past year, where people (over the age of 18) claim art as their own.

I can't even imagine!

I hope you're finding a little time to rest and relax! Stress can do insane things to the body.

xo, Suzy

Hi there!
I just read about what you have gone through with the forger. You should sue her also for pain and suffering.Just keep the recepts from your Hospital visit. You should call one of the local TV stations or print media outlets and talk to them and show them everything. You should also contact this Ithaca arts group and inform them and also contact the local Ithaca newspapre as they are a small city and would love something like this as a story. I know it all may sound drastic but you really should pursue this. Artists work extremely hard to produce authentic work and when someone else steals it from you, you should go after that person all the way.

how frightening! sorry to hear you're going through this. Don't stress too much, it will all get taken care of in time. You have everything on your side. Hang in there and take care of yourself!

tisk. tisk. crazy bitch.

Terrible that someone would do that! Why would you want to take credit for something that isn't you own?!

Best of luck making her stop!

Great blog, and your wedding was beautiful, such an inspiration!


Hey you should watch the documentary Catfish. It's essentially along the same lines and true as well. It was shown at Tribeca and my bf gave me a sneak peek. I think it will be out soon. Keep your eyes peeled as it shows that identities stolen via the internet. A new breed of horror film?

I was so sad to read this. What made me sad was how your health and emotions were effected. At this point I think that your work is well known enough where there should not be any lasting confusion with the other "artist". Plus maybe this could be a sign of how good your work is in that people would want to imitate it. It's still pretty sucky, but just remember you're awesome.
Take Care,
Much love,

This is indeed distressing! I hope your lawyer helps you through this ordeal, and this delusional thief stops appropriating your work ASAP! I've had similar situations with my photos, in the past, but never, ever on this level. Disturbing....

I really admire your work, creativity and blog, and hope you can move beyond this incident. It is scary when someone invades your privacy. Please take care, find some respite and keep on creating no matter what. I am an artist, myself, and struggled for many years with stress manifesting itself into physical problems. I hope the best for you and this situation. Take care...

so scary! ick.

Just stumbled upon your blog via Google.

So disheartening what you're experiencing with the identity/ art thief. That's ethically sick. Some people are so... lost. Le sigh!

Your artwork, however, is gorgeous. Take care of yourself and feel better. Muah.

So creepy. She has got to be psychologically deranged. You're art is so inspired and unique, her lies will definitely not hold up.
Hang in there, you will persevere. It is great that you were able to catch her and keep her and maybe others like her (if they exist) from continuing her fraud.

OMFG!! I don't even know you but I can't believe it. What a maroon. Hope she gets what she deserves....
So sorry for the stress.....Your shit's amazing-hang on!!
Have you tried yoga? Its amazing.....

I unfortunately have experienced a similar situation! I had embarked on a photo project with someone that went HORRIBLY wrong. This person still reposts and reprints work/photos of mine taken in my home, with my camera. It has been over a YEAR and this person still insists that I copy HER! Luckily I had the good sense to take many screen captures of her multiple web outlets and circulated them to fellow artists and gallery owners all over Houston and Austin with the real story..Now thank god no one will give her a show, because everyone knows what a nasty thief she is. Also..twice now she has had her "work" not returned to her after I contacted gallery owners/curators .

This person will get whats coming to her. Karma is a real evil son of a bitch.

That being said..I've been following your blog for quite awhile and have purchased some of your work..Keep it comin! Love it!


wow.. don't they say immitation is the highest form of flattery? i can safely say in this case it goes too far. really sorry to hear about this.

(fan of your art passing through)

Boy is that ever insane! I can't believe the sickening nerve of some people. As I always say "Inspiration is the sincerest form of flattery. Immitation is the sincerest form of incompetence."

How sad that this persons actions affected your physical health on top of your emotional well being. I really hope you're feeling better by now. The work is so obviously yours, and if this gets dragged into court I'm sure you'll win.

Take care!


I am soo totally sorry to read about this very unfortunate truly horrible that someone would do this!! Please take care and get well...I have great respect for your work and believe in the end justice will be served. Please get well soon....nooone, especially someone like this "person", is worth losing your health over.

Hi there,

This is a bit random but I i feel that I must comment! I have been following your blog for quite some time - you're a bit of an inspiration to me: Generally for what you did with Show Pony and your work itself. I'm a recent Fine Art graduate from The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, now dealing post-graduation life and general soul-searching about what to do next.... (Currently making jewellery out of my silver insect casts, making sets for a couple of music videos, making visual arts work and a little illustration for a friend's company...whatever will pay for a studio!!), this way I was just interested if you might be able to spare a little time to let me know how you got to the point that you are at? - I mean did you go to Art school...and what was you route following that? I know that I am and shall always be an artist in some way, but I'm really interested in going down the art direction (where art& fashion collide..) in some way or another, and I am just particularly interested in hearing how you (and others) got to the point that they are at?! I know that there is no definitive way...all the more exciting in many ways...but it is interesting to hear how people to create their own creative paths :-) But let me get back to the point of this message - It absolutely terrifies me to hear that even more established artists' work can be not only reimagined but actually simply plagiarised so easily. I myself had a number of artist's books and a number of cast silver bees stolen at my recent degree show but then also found a blogger claiming photographs that they had taken of my work to be their own!! Having e-mailed them they still maintain the work is theirs!!! What a nightmare! I am really interested to hear to what will happen here, if that is at all possible..? Anyways following that last post i do hope that you are well, and continue to make beautiful images! (...and i hope that this e-mail was not too random/weird!)

Phoebe H

(if curiosity gets the better of you in any way my website(s) are<--in need of an update)

Wow! That is so shameful, how can people live with themselves doing this? Terrible... I hope things have worked out okay now... as I'm sure they will, Karma will get this person back for you in the worst/best way!!! (As will your lawyer too!) xx

What a useless turd! This is an outrage.

wow. a friend of mine just sent me this post because something similar happened to me a few days ago. one of my readers sent me a link to a woman who was literally stealing blog posts from me... everything from the title to the pictures i would use, and writing what i wrote WORD FOR WORD. she was even stealing really personal posts where i would talk about my husband, so on her blog it would seem as if HER husband was doing and saying the things i wrote about. it freaked me out, to say the least. even the title of her blog is a rip-off of mine, and her "about me" is half plagiarized. i didn't know what to do... i mean, one would imagine that only SICK people would find this behavior acceptable. i decided to send her a not-so-abrasive email thanking her for being inspired by my blog, but perhaps she was "taking it a little too far". of course, she had no form of contact listed on her blog. a few of my friends were infuriated by the whole situation and left her some pretty hefty comments on the posts she had taken from me. she's since taken them down, but i still feel like i might have to monitor the situation. this is just so shitty, and anyone who steals someone else's material is even shittier in my opinion.

hopefully, this has been resolved since august...

I actually hope to video tape some of these techniques soon. Stay tuned, because I will post them here when I get them taped and edited.
but there was also fresh kitchen waste mixed in with it and I wasn't about to try to strain that out so that I could get the two pints of compost out to throw under the roses. So I ordered a second composter thinking I would have one cooking older waste while I had another one to receive fresh waste.
for I know all to well that this seasoasdfn of her life will pass much to soon. Savor these sweet moments with your little one's- in a blink of an eye, they are all grown up.

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