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December 26, 2010


I like this
don't imagine my life without dance

I hadn't thought about it but now that you mention Repulsion you are spot on! I really liked Black Swan too.

seriously amazing movie obviously..gorgeous pictures as well

I love Black Swan! Natalie Portman's performance is complete, and it's amazing to see the transformation of the girl from Leon to this beautiful starlet!

Great ballet inspiration! I have to see this movie!

girl in the street..looks such undefended

especially i liked girls on the floor

Your pictures are so sexy and hot,i really adore each and every post of urs coz they are very unique and stylish especially all those jewells are very trendy and stylish too... Cool!!!Cool!!!

i want new photos!))

This is wonderfull package and i love style of your's. Finally i found this blog and i enjoyed it. The hair style is fantastic and im glad to visit your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Please come back. You are missed!

This is a gorgeous package and i love style of your's... Finally i found this blog and i enjoyed it a lot, The hair style is fantastic and im glad to visit your blog...very fashionable and trendy collections...


I saw the movie Black Swan for the first time last week and I was very impressed by Natalie Portman's performance, she deserves the Oscar for her acting.

like from a movie "black swan"

How I wish I could also watch this movie. I guess black swan is great.

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