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April 30, 2011


yay! so sweet! glad you got her, she looks so happy with her spread out kitty paws, you're giving her a dream home. xo m

I'm so glad you made a new friend!

You are totally living my dream out there in the desert, those rock/crystal/gem sculptures are a geologists dream (as well as a gypsy's).

Down the block at a little boutique they are selling bandanas that are maps of Joshua Tree and I'm pretty sure I need to give in.

thanks Sandy! and Mindy Sue. I really love it out here, tis true it's a Gypsy dream town. I keep discovering new things to fall in love with, and of course LOVE my new Gilly girl cat. She is seriously such a sweet cat!

Whenever I read your blog, I get a bit emotional. You have a serene life, beautiful home and wonderful animals and people to share it with you. Love reading about your daily adventures and seeing the photos you post. Beautiful kitty too! You can see how thankful she is to get so much love :)

Thanks for reading this blog post ladies! As you know I have not been able to post that much this year because of work and now that I am in the desert, where it's peaceful and lots of alone time- it's nice to think that I am having tea with friends via the internet. I love hearing from all of you guys, I really really missed this most of all. And whenever you are in the desert please let me know. XOXO Jennifer...I just had Ricochet tacos the other day!

They feature Susan's emotive creativity. We welcome it like the reappearance of an old friend. Yes, the lacy underwear surprised me, but, hey, it's fun to see that she's branched out

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