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April 25, 2011


my heart goes out to you and justin....... with love, ilga

Rip.. so sorry for your loss.

Such a heartbreaking story. You truly seem like the best pet owner, Kime.

Its just really touching that after such a rough life, he was finally able to find a good home and live cozied up to your shoe and sunbathing right until the end.

Hugs. He was blessed to have such sweet parents.

Awww :( I am so sorry.

thank you so much everyone. I cannot stop crying over this, and your comments are helping console me. XO

I hope it is okay that I think it ironic your previous post is about Heaven because I know he is there but it still hurts. I recently lost my old black wizard cat Mr. Binx. I am so sorry. xoxox

so sorry to hear it, kime. sending you my love. xo

Weirdly Cassandra, today before we even went to the vet i was staring at this painting from my grandfather (who is deceased) and I was thinking about how all of my grandparents are not dead and how you just never know how much time you have with the ones you love. About an hour later a routine vet visit ended like this and I have to believe these thoughts were all connected to a better place. So sorry about Binx. xoxo

that is supposed to say "now dead" not "not dead" a strange slip

i'm so sorry. sending you love.

Oh Kime, I'm so sorry. I do understand. My own boy died just 2 weeks ago and it has genuinely broken my heart. My Pooter was 20 years old and I had to make the decision to end his suffering. It was unbearable.
I knew he was sad and I kept whispering to him to let me know when he'd had enough. I know it sounds crazy to regular people but it won't to you. I cried all day, every day. I do want you to know that it gets better although you never stop missing them. My little cat was like my familliar and I feel lost without him. I just have to believe that I carry him in my heart and that way he can never really leave me.
It's a testament to your bond that you woke up in the night to be with him when he clearly needed you and was trying to tell you he needed help. Us girls and our cats...we are each others shadows. It's a beautiful relationship and we are lucky to have each other. I wish I could fast forward a month for you so it hurts a little less, but you have to feel it I guess - to make sense of it. Be proud that you did right by him Kime. I send you lots of love from chilly England xo

So sorry about your cat :(

Your boyfriend is a fucking idiot to say LEAVE your dying cat? "its probably better."

You were all that cat had in this world this is a sad story indeed and I feel for you but god damn that is hard to read. You should consider leaving that hipster fuck and finding a real man with sensitivity (boy at heart) and a head on their shoulders, mind in the right place. When its life and death what is important is a no brainer, and much of that is presence.

Your cat sounds like a beautiful creature and the night you spent with her im sure was comforting.


Sorry for your loss Kime!

My condolences on the big lose to your little family. Largent was a very beautiful kitty.

i'm so sorry kime, losing a pet is so hard and it must have been such a shock. you are such a great cat mom and largent was very lucky to find you guys. xo

One can't fail to notice the irony of Aria lecturing about sensitivity. So hurtful.

First of all, I'd like to explain that the cat was not dying when we took him in. He just wasn't eating at home. It was a routine visit to check him out. I tend to get nervous about our cats in stressful situations. My husband was afraid my panic energy would make the cat nervous. Neither of us was prepared for what happened next. We did not think for a second he was at deaths door. My husband did not want to leave him. We were told the cat was unconscious and not breathing on his own. My husband and I Iooked at eachother with fear and sadness because we did not want to see him like that. My husband is the most sensitive and loving person I have ever met, so for the record are totally off the mark. And we have been grieving the loss of our friend the past 24 hours. Thank you everyone else for your kind words, they mean a lot.

and for what it's worth, we are both glad that we went back there and spent his last moments with him. This whole incident really seems unreal. I can't believe that he did not come home with us. I keep thinking I am going to see him again.

I'm so sorry for your loss. This a beautiful celebration of his life. I hope you feel better soon, but only time can dull the pain.

He seemed so happy you saved him, now there are so many more kitties needing to be saved! Think about that. Still, no friend can be replaced (ever!)by another. But we do can make (save) new friends.

I'm so sorry for your loss, Kime. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Largent seemed like such a sweet, wonderful cat. I'm sure he has had a wonderful, very happy life with you and your husband. This blogpost is such a beautiful ode to him. Hold on to the beautiful memories!

Ohh this made me cry in front of the computer. There's a knot in my throat. I can't bare to think about it, poor baby
much love

Oh sweetheart! I am so sorry. It is indescribably hard to let go of those we love.

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