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April 15, 2011


I really like it!

Lovely shade!

You should read Neon Angel by Cherie Currie - it blew my mind!


i really want to read that book! I have to get a copy soon

In my early 20s I tried a whole range of hair colours. In addition to my naturally dark brown hair I have been a red head, blonde and witchy-poo black hair.
It was an unintentional social experiment. Having dark hair I blended into the background. As a red head I was noticed a lot more. But as a blonde I really made heads turn — double takes from guys and dirty looks from some ladies. At the time I had no idea that hair colour could be so influential.

Oh yeah! By the way, your look wonderful as a blonde.

it's true Melissa, this hair color has made some ladies give me the evil eye. Like it's a tramp shade- haha. I am still getting used to seeing my reflection- but sort of like how how this color has made me feel like I have a hairstyle. XO

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