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May 03, 2011


I get what you are saying. It is not an easy thing to let go. There is freedom in letting go, but what makes it difficult is that we people cling to desperately to our comfort zones. Even if those comfort zones are unhealthy. One day at a time — one neurosis at a time is the way to go I suppose.

I am such a fixed sign. Always hard to make changes, because I cling to comfort zones. I've been getting better as I get older. This is the first year I really feel like I've unloaded some negative heavy baggage. It's also been a bit easier to get rid of things from my past. There has been a big weight lifted off of me lately. :)

Kime, LOVE the platinum blonde hair... esp. these fotos of you against the flower print. Gorgeous.

I've also had a year of leaving my ghosts behind. A book thats magical and changed everything for me is The Power of Now. Since reading it and practicing the meditation techniques, I've started shaking my ghostly anxieties off and feeling so much freer. I always felt haunted by all my past traumas, but after reading it and practicing meditation everything changed. I would have never believed a book would have done that for me. It is something I continue to go back to and reread to bring myself back to The Now when I find my old memories coming back.

I will try and find that book! thanks so much for telling me about it. And thanks for loving my new blonde hair. It feels so much thicker since I did this (damage I'm sure does that, ha) xoxo

you should make some more of those shirts..and the "i ate the whole thing" ones too

i just found that text from the original screen "I ATE THE WHOLE THING" I really should resurrect those gems. I don't even own one of those ones.

that heal your life book is sooo awesome! It helped me through some rough times a few years back. ps, I LOVE yr hair, it makes me wanna start coloring mine again, so bright and lovely!
xo m

I love Louis L. Hay, that is a great book! I also listen to her audios. Love, love, love this post.

We mus be cosmically connected somehow . . . I've been going through similar dealings (loss, nesting, friendship revelations), and changed my locks back to blond around the same time as you, and celebrated my wedding anniversary on May 3rd (which I didn't realize was the date of the new moon!) It sounds like you are in such a dreaminess. Next time we're visiting the desert, it would be awesome to get together for tacos.

P.S. I whole-heartedly agree with the comment above that 'The Power of Now' is one of the best meditation inspiring, positive-vibed books around.

Kisses from our country cabin in NY! ~ J.B. Taylor

I miss you Jennifer! Please please let me know if you are ever out this way and want to stay with us!

Congrats on your wedding anniversary- seems like years and years ago you told me that fairytale proposal. I just ate the black and white tacos at ricochet the other day. xoxo

you have always been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for putting your positive energy and beautiful spirit out to share!!

Louise Hay is a charlatan. She used to intimate that AIDS was caused by gay men hating themselves and in the very book you promote, she suggests that cancer is (or should be imagined/interpreted as) being a product of "not letting go." That is a damaging, irrational, and pressuring belief she espouses.

If you believe in letting go, I'd suggest letting go of magical thinking and unimaginative superstitions. There's nothing wrong with a little healthy mysticism--the brain comes up with lovely symbolism, dreams are healing in and of themselves, but pre-prescribed New Age thought exists to sell books to uninformed people. Please don't promote it. You're too creative and cool for that! If Louise Hay had half the knowhow you do, she wouldn't be the egomaniacal pseudo-savior she has made of herself.

thanks for letting me know. And I apologize if my post is upsetting to anyone who reads it. I obviously haven't extensively researched all of her opinions, and am not promoting that people cause all of their own illnesses. I simply was going through a lot when I moved out here, an 18 year friendship ending, the loss of a pet, and some stress related health problems...the book was recommended to me and some if made me feel better. Thats pretty much what I felt. And weirdly some of what she said resonated with me and my family at that particular time. I appreciate your comment.

Heres a piece of advice let go when youre hurting too much, give up when love isn't enough, and move on when things arent like before. Surely there is someone out there who will love you more.

Congrats on your wedding anniversary- seems like years and years ago you told me that fairytale proposal. I just ate the black and white tacos at ricochet the other day.

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